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Bridge the Gap Between Information Technology & Business

We function as an extension of your team and are a responsive, knowledgeable cyber risk resource. Our priority is to keep your team's technology functional and secure - alleviating the burden of network maintenance, risk assessments, and day-to-day management.

Start Managing Your Risk

You have to know your cyber risks to manage them.

It’s a fact that you can’t manage risk you haven’t identified. Our services are designed to identify risk, manage risk, and anticipate risk.


How We Help

Our services are designed with you, your business, and your customers in mind. While these services are based on our services-first mindset and industry standards, we know that cybersecurity is not one size fits all. With this in mind, we tailor each engagement to the individual business's needs and desired outcomes.

Managed Services

The 24x7 security and support you need. Our managed service puts security first, while providing responsive technical support, compliance assistance, and increased operational efficiency.

Risk & Vulnerability Assessments

Uncover your risks through cybersecurity risk assessments and regularly scheduled network vulnerability assessments.

Strategic Cyber Consulting

Cybersecurity can be a daunting subject. We're here to guide you through in-person or virtual trainings, tabletop exercises, recruitment, and virtual CISO leadership.

Readiness Assistance

Preparation is the key to obtaining your business goals for SOC 2 and CMMC. We have the experience and expertise to prepare your organization and advocate for you throughout the examination process.


Healthcare Providers

The stakes are high for medical practices and healthcare providers. Fulfill HIPAA compliance requirements, train your team, and protect your patient data.

Financial Institutions

With updated regulations and a growing emphasis on cyber risk, you need a reliable partner to anticipate threats, manage risk, and safeguard your operations.

Professional Services

The business landscape is changing for professional services firms. Customers are expecting increased IT security standards and privacy safeguards at the same time as demanding more virtual and mobile services.

Small & Medium Businesses

Cybersecurity doesn't have to break the bank. We have the resources and tools you need to secure your business operations and leverage your technology investments.

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Take the first step in owning your risk and protecting your business today.

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