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Comprehensive SOC Readiness Assistance Services for Small Businesses

In today's increasingly regulated landscape, many small businesses have heightened vendor management procedures, requiring a System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2 report from key vendors. Maintaining SOC 2 compliance has become critical for businesses across various industries, including application developers, data centers, software-as-a-service providers, law firms, and accounting firms. However, navigating the SOC examination process can be complex and daunting without expert guidance.

Prepare for Success with Skinner Technology Group

Skinner Technology Group serves as a valuable partner in your SOC readiness journey, providing tailored assistance to small businesses navigating the SOC examination process. Our team offers comprehensive SOC readiness assistance, guiding you through each step of the process to ensure readiness and compliance while catering to the unique needs of small businesses.

  • SOC report selection: We assist small businesses in identifying the appropriate SOC report for their unique requirements, considering factors such as size, scope, and industry focus.
  • Readiness assessment: Our team conducts a thorough readiness assessment specifically tailored to small businesses, evaluating the controls in place, identifying any existing gaps, and reviewing process documentation for consistency and accuracy.
  • Mitigating controls development: We collaborate closely with small businesses to develop cost-effective mitigating controls that address identified gaps and enhance overall security posture, ensuring compliance without breaking the bank.
  • Third-party auditor collaboration: Throughout the SOC examination process, our team is at your service to address inquiries and facilitate productive discussions with your third-party auditor, ensuring a streamlined and efficient examination process.

Achieve Your SOC Objectives with Confidence

With our expert guidance and support, you can navigate the SOC examination process with confidence, ensuring that your small business meets necessary compliance requirements and maintains trust with your customers and stakeholders.

Our team is here to help. Reach out using the link below.

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