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Cyber Risk Assessment

Identifying and managing your cyber risks within the context of your business operations is a continuous process. Why? Your environment changes with each new user, device, and tool. Meanwhile, the external environment – vulnerabilities, threat tactics, frameworks, regulations, and best practices are also evolving. We offer risk assessments that to provide you with the knowledge to manage your risks and protect your businesses.

Understanding & Managing Cyber Risk

Cyber risk assessments are the foundation of cyber risk management. A cyber risk assessment’s goal is to identify the cyber risks throughout your organization, the risk mitigation controls currently in place, and opportunities to further strengthen risk mitigation strategies.

Understanding your inherent and residual risks provides an organization with better insight into their cybersecurity posture and enables the alignment of talent and financial resources to further minimize identified risks. Cyber risk assessments empower organizations to know and own their risks.

Whether you are new to cyber risk assessments or a veteran looking for new insights, STG is here to help you identify, understand, and manage your risk. Cyber risk assessments are a tool that can be used over and over as your business operations and the cyber threat landscape evolves.

Frameworks we leverage include NIST Cybersecurity Framework, the Center for Internet Security Risk Assessment Method (CIS RAM), ISACA Cyber Maturity Framework, the FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool, and HIPAA Privacy & Security Risk Analysis.

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