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Tabletop Exercises

Historically, cybersecurity has heavily emphasized risk management through preventative techniques. In today’s threat environment, the importance of having an established and tested action plan for handling a breach, disaster, or other event has grown significantly.

Because the Best Plans Are Tested

Tabletop exercises are beneficial because:

  1. The exercise brings key stakeholders from various business leaders together and provides an opportunity for cross – department understanding and alignment.
  2. Gaps and weaknesses in the plan are exposed, allowing for critical updates to be made.
  3. Practicing your plan can make your response more efficient and effective in the event of an actual incident.
  4. Overall organizational risk is lessened when organizations remediate identified gaps, maintain up – to – date documentation, and practice their plans annually.

The best tabletop exercises are based in reality – using the vulnerabilities most likely to be targeted by threat actors. We provide realistic scenarios based on your industry, known risks, and specific assets and tools. We facilitate tabletop exercises in the following areas:

  • Incident Response, focusing on cyber and/or physical security incidents
  • Disaster Recovery, focusing on data and infrastructure restoration after a natural disaster or cyber security incident
  • Business Continuity Planning, focusing on continued operations during an incident
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