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Webinar recap: What you need to know about Microsoft 365 Security

The threat landscape has changed – and it helps to know the capacity of the tools we use in our everyday work to stay safe. This includes Microsoft 365, a common security suite in many organizations and businesses.

In our latest webinar installment, our own Mike Skinner was joined by Stephan Tomecko, Head of Partner Success at Augmentt. Together, they discussed Microsoft 365’s security capabilities and how companies can best monitor and mitigate threats. Skinner monitors the information Augmentt provides. For our clients, we are the eyes on the platform and expertise they provide, meaning no extra work for them.

Cloud platforms, for all of their power, are also a new vector for bad actors. In fact, password brute-force attacks are being issued from all over the world, in an exponential increase from prior years. Microsoft 365’s security doesn’t come configured out of the box. Basic username and password control don’t provide the full configuration that you’re going to need. In fact, even Microsoft recommends you go to a third-party provider for backups and other security support.

Because the situation is ever changing and ever evolving, proactive security monitoring is essential. Take a look at the session for yourself! Plan for about 20 minutes to immerse in the conversation. And as always, feel free to reach out to our team with any questions.