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Skinner Technology Group Principal Co-authors Book on Cybercrime, Small Business

Skinner Technology Group today announced that Principal Consultant Mike Skinner has co-authored a book entitled, “The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Protecting Your Business From Hackers.” Thirteen trade experts share their professional insight on preparing for and overcoming cyber risks.

Skinner boasts more than 20 years of experience in providing IT and cybersecurity consulting services to organizations across multiple industries, including financial institutions, medical providers, accounting firms, and small businesses. His background is primarily focused on risk management, business solution implementation, IT internal auditing and compliance, and cybersecurity training and awareness.

“Businesses of all sizes and in all industries are susceptible to malicious attacks on their information and systems,” said Skinner. “My passion is rooted in educating users on securing their organizations through sound cyber hygiene practices.”

Throughout the guide, small business owners are asked to consider their current cybersecurity practices, including what they are doing to protect themselves from the evolving and increasing threat of cybercrime. The book reinforces the importance of ensuring networks are protected from hackers and that team members are trained to recognize threats.

Along with insights from 12 additional industry experts, Chris Wiser serves as the lead author of the book. Wiser is the founder and chief executive officer of 7 Figure MSP™, a company committed to providing top-level business coaching and resources that move managed service providers (MSPs) forward.

“The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Protecting Your Business From Hackers” is currently available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and similar online booksellers.