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Webinar: Secure Your Summer

This month’s webinar featured a discussion of best cybersecurity practices to consider before and while traveling.

Skinner Technology Principal Consultant Mike Skinner and Director of Operations Leighton Foster discussed how companies and individuals can keep their technology secure, especially as people prepare to travel in the coming summer months. Here’s an overview.

What are the Threats?

While traveling, there are many threats to consider, such as connecting to unsecure networks, which can allow others to access your device and its data. Physical theft is also something to be cautious about, as travelers are frequently targeted.

Before You Travel

It’s important to think about what devices you’re taking with you. If you don’t need to take your work computer with you, then don’t. The more devices you have as you travel, the more risk you acquire. Other actions to consider in preparation for travel include:

While Traveling

Now that you’re prepared and on the go, it’s important to keep up with your device, first of all. Here are some other considerations for keeping your device safe while traveling.

Pause Before You Post

Consider limiting what you post on social media while you’re traveling. Posting while on the go could alert bad actors in your neighborhood of your absence and increase the risk of break-ins at your home. Posting on social media also provides an opportunity for hackers to use spam tactics over email or text. We recommend waiting until your travels are over to post about them and to keep the knowledge of your travels limited to friends and family.

Before you go off to enjoy your travels, keep in mind these cybersecurity basics and make sure you’re keeping your data protected!

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